Looptify CEO Featured on NBC Bay Area (AAPI Month)

Looptify CEO Featured on NBC Bay Area (AAPI Month)
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Audrey Asistio – NBC Bay Area May 18, 2023

Well, since we are talking ballpark, stadium, sports, etc., it turns out a Filipino-American entrepreneur and Daly City native is behind many athlete brands and celebrity brands as well. Nate Llorando coaches professional athletes, influencers, and Hollywood celebrities on how to start and run their own businesses and brands.
He says four years ago he saw one of his good friends, former Warriors player Jason Richardson, pass up a lot of opportunities to start his own brand and business. So that motivated him to start Looptify.

He describes it as a one-stop-shop merchandise marketplace platform for people in the sports and entertainment industries. His clients include comedian Dave Chappelle, boxer Manny Pacquiao, as well as some former and current Warriors and Niners players, among others. He says he’s self-taught, and this AAPI Heritage Month, he has some words of advice for anyone hoping to start a business?

“Well, I think the best way really is like hands-on experience. You’re not gonna succeed overnight or a week or a month or sometimes even a year. So you have to be willing to, you know, embrace the failures the same way as you embrace your success and you know, you’ll reach your milestones, but you know, you just got to keep on building up.” – Nate Llorando

So I could tell you Nate has come a long way. We actually went to high school together Westmoor High in Daly City. Looptify is currently ranked one of the most innovative startups in California.

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