Looptify is a monetization engine that provides a platform to High-Profiles and vendors, providing a support team and strategic marketing plan to help launch their brands. Looptify is designed to for  celebrities, creators, musicians, athletes and more. Fans gain access to their favorite High-Profile’s exclusive products and other personalized engageable features.

Created For Fans

Looptify High Profile partners curate their own products with a sharp eye for the hottest trends. All of each individual brand’s exclusive products will be released on a monthly basis. To top it all, Looptify’s platform will provide subscribers exclusive and direct access to celebrity meet & greets, spam-free messaging, livestream, autographed memorabilia and prime access to each brand’s exclusive products. This mobile app makes it easier for fans to find their favorite celebrities, influencers, athletes from all over the world within the roster of their High Profile partners. It most importantly offers the most authentic interaction on all-inclusive interaction options specifically chosen by the partners.

Expanding Our Roster

Looptify’s internal team will facilitate from the beginning of the brand’s early stages to the next steps to its growth until its completion. Looptify has a plug and play system that provides unlimited access to a team of amazing specialists in Graphic Design, Marketing, Logistics, Photoshoots, Fulfillment, Sourcing, Customer Care to help convert the brand’s visions into actuality.

  • Online Store Management
  • Social Media Account Management
  • Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • Fulfillment
  • Distribution

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